Klaus Hartmann:
In Solidarity against the global dictatorship

Speech on Vidovdan, June 28 2004, Trg Republike, Belgrade

Citizens of Belgrade, Friends, Comrades!

I visited President Slobodan Miloševic on June 1st, and I am proud to deliver his warmest regards to you today.

I assure you that his combative spirit is still strong and unbroken - in spite of the harsh conditions.

What an example he sets, for you, for all of us, for honest people around the world!

His struggle, the struggle against the New World Order and their show-trial in The Hague represents the best traditions of Vidovdan, represents the heroic tradition of Serbs.

But as you know, the tradition of Vidovdan is not only one of heroism; we also know of the tradition of treason.

Must I - from abroad - tell you, who embodies this tradition of treachery today?

You see them everyday on your TV, in your newspapers, in your media, which are now "free" - because they now all have the right to publish exactly the same brainwashing that we already know from the aggressors´ "free" western media.

The federal defence minister, Prvoslav Davinic, told B 92 two days after his appointment in April: "We have an obligation towards The Hague and we have to fulfil it."

And he has a special obligation today - to attend the summit of the Aggressors in Istanbul - a very special program to honour Vidovdan!

Does Mr. Davinic mean that there is an obligation to sell the country, a clearance sale?

That´s an impressive example for the difference between your last government and the current one: The former one carried out his treachery by conviction, cold and sneering. The government today does the same job - but with a suffering expression!

Before the kangaroo court in The Hague, President Miloševic faces the accusation of having undertaken "a joint criminal enterprise".

A joint criminal enterprise - in the view of the imperialist, absolute rulers and tycoons - this is to defend his country against aggression, devastation and occupiers.

In their eyes, his crime is to have defended Independence and Sovereignty.

The axiom adopted by the, so called, "international Community" for this criminal enterprise was:

"The Serbs must be brought on their knees", pronounced by Klaus Kinkel, Foreign Minister of Germany.

This criminal enterprise continues - from the precipitated recognition of separatist movements, the credit from the Vatican - to pay the accrued interests from Ustasha-Gold, the training of Al-Qaida-combatants and the equipping of terrorists, NATO´s bombs on your houses and schools and even up to the present time: with the Court of the Criminals in The Hague!

And this axiom "The Serbs must be brought on their knees" is still in force, this axiom is an exact description of the task of the so called Hague Tribunal:

Don´t believe those who tell you: Serbia must fulfil conditions on her way to Europe. As President Miloševic told you a few years ago: Serbia is situated in the heart of Europe, it must not stay behind! Keep this in mind!

To all the peace- and freedom-loving people in Europe, you are welcomed - not as slaves, but as equals, not on your knees, but standing upright.

Only the imperialist forces want to force you to your knees. Freethinkers defend the pride of walking upright - and you should do the same.

The imperialist forces want to show the world: resistance against their dictatorship, the "New World Order", will not be tolerated, it will be punished.

This is why the indictment is against the political and military leadership of the aggressed country.

This is the reason for their show trial against President Miloševic.

The refusal of appropriate medical care threatens the life and health of President Miloševic.

Depriving him of visits from his family members, the complete isolation from his family, his collaborators, his physicians, his friends from abroad, this moral and psychological pressure is aimed at breaking his will to resist the false accusations.

The "Prosecution" had several years and the work of several hundred of people, financed by the enormous budget of the UN, CNN, Time-Warner, Soros and Rockefeller, and assisted by the intelligence services of major nations.

They had practically unlimited resources, and they had time - since May 1999, more than four years to prepare their "case" - besides the fact, that much of the material was collected since the establishment of the Tribunal in 1993 was also being used.

And what a poor case they presented! There was no case - in the opinion of leading experts of International Law. And they say: Where there is a lack of proof, there is no case - and there is no need for a defence!

The masters of this so called Tribunal are unwilling to satisfy, even to a minimum, the principle of equality of arms between its own Prosecution and the rights of the defence, allegedly recognised by the Tribunal.

Slobodan Miloševic is a victim of the imperialist conspiracy against the integrity and independence of his country, a victim of the conspiracy of the imperialist forces and their servants in Serbia!

They want to punish him for the heroic resistance against this new colonialism and militarism of this "New World Order".

This so called Tribunal is an instrument of their global dictatorship, of their destruction of International Law!

When there is any obligation for this country, and for all of us: That obligation is to continue to resist. That obligation is to refuse to collaborate with The Hague, to resist The Hague!

Our obligation is to continue the resistance against this globalized barbarism.

That´s why we demonstrated on Saturday in The Hague, at the main square of the City and in Front of the Prison in Scheveningen.

We demanded there, in The Hague, and we demand today:

We demand:

Freedom for Serbia!
Long life Yugoslavia!
Long live Slobodan Miloševic!

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